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Cape York Trailers
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Cape York Trailers

Cape York Trailers built up a national reputation for providing Australia's toughest off road camper trailers for over 10 years and were based in Cairns, Australia. Cape York closed down around the start of January 2012. It has been rumoured on several internet forums that Cape York may begin to make trailers again sometime in the future but for now they are closed.

  • ABN: 39010615773
  • Address: 19 Redden Street, Portsmith, Cairns 4870
  • Owners: Ted Bailey (Senior), Ted Bailey (Junior) & Tanya Bailey.

About Cape York Trailers

Cape York Trailers Queensland was a division of Ahern Metal Industries which was a privately owned family run business in Cairns Far North Queensland. They employed approximately 20 locally skilled people who worked hard to bring you top quality service and products second to none. Ahern Metal Industries manufactured a complete range of quality sheet metal products including commercial kitchen equipment, Stainless Steel galleys for Marine vessels, electrical switchboard cabinets, specialised box trailers and a full range of off road camping trailers.

Cape York Trailers had been manufacturing a full range of aluminum trailers and custom built camping trailers in Cairns Australia since 1987. Our camping trailers could be customised to suit our clients individual needs and were built to handle the tough unforgiving terrain of the Far North Queensland and other rugged conditions of Australia. They hade ongoing research and development to further bring our designs up with and ahead of the markets needs. All of the Cape York Trailers model range were made from high quality aluminium rather than steel. This means that they won't rust and have a weight saving of up to 160kgs. They are also still built strong so they can handle the toughest conditions.

Purchasing your new alloy trailer or camping trailer from Ahern Metal meant you were dealing with reputable dealers and a successful origination who helped you decide the right trailer or camp trailer for your particular needs. Cape York Trailers gained respect and trust from their customers and boasted a quality reputation.

Cape York Trailers also ran a busy camper hire business.

Cape York Trailer Models

Cape York stocked the following camper trailers:

  • Adventurer
  • Explorer
  • Adventurer Deluxe
  • Overlander
  • Weekender
  • Alloy Tipper
  • Territory
  • Evolution Classic
  • Evolution
  • Evolution Ultra Classic
  • Type 3 Heavy Duty
  • Adventurer XLT